– The Vnsmat team is united and united for the common development.

– Young, dynamic, quality staff. 

– Ready to embrace technology. 

– Serving customers with service quality and dedication. 

– Professional, work according to the process. 

– 24/7 online technical support team.

HVN Group


– Young, tech-savvy staff. 

– Strong information technology infrastructure. 

– Nationwide customer network. 

– Partners directly distribute value-added services on the internet of Google. 

– Willing to cooperate and develop together sustainably.

– 24/7 online technical support team.

After the cooperation projects together today, October 18, 2021, Vietnam Smart Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company (VNSMAT) and HVN Group Joint Stock Company officially signed a cooperation agreement towards the The two sides wish to jointly implement cooperation in activities, value-added services on the internet and information technology infrastructure for organizations. 

During the past 6 years, Vnsmat has always been a reliable partner of many organizations in the Vietnamese information technology market. Contributing to the development of Vietnam through investment projects and technical assistance focusing on centers, organizations and enterprises. Besides, setting development goals in the new year, Vnsmat also made important strides in new business in foreign markets, focusing on application development, a promising field. offers many opportunities for social development. Similar in development orientation with the motto “Cooperation and sustainable development”, HVN is constantly searching, researching and developing investment projects on value-added services on the internet and information technology. professionally and effectively. 

From those similarities, Vnsmat and HVN have come together to sign a strategic cooperation agreement in the fields of operations, value-added services on the internet and information technology infrastructure for central groups and organizations. organizations, enterprises. The two sides will cooperate to cross-sell products, services and other business development activities with the strength of technology platform from VNSMAT and hardware infrastructure from HVN in their customer network and support referrals. customers for each other,

On the basis of mutual trust and agreement to come to a conclusion, this strategic cooperation agreement will contribute to enhancing the business performance of the two parties in investment projects between the two parties, contributing to raising the cost of investment projects. value for customers.

Committed to sharing experiences in investment in building and developing sustainable brands, the two sides believe that the strategic cooperation agreement will promote the relationship between the two sides, enhance the reputation of both parties. both sides in the market, and at the same time create momentum for further cooperation between the two parties as well as with other strategic partners in the coming time. 

*Authorization letter to exploit value-added services internet of Google LLC:

Google Cloud

*Authorization letter to exploit value-added services internet of Microsoft Corporation:

Microsoft Solution Providers


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