Contract to deploy digitization solution of Vnsmat company and Raincoffee company


Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world, but few Vietnamese people can drink pure coffee. 

From the understanding, burning passion for coffee growing areas across the country. Because of pride when deeply understanding the nature of pure coffee beans. 

We wish: Bring the pure coffee beans of Vietnam to the whole territory of Vietnam – everywhere can enjoy real Coffee 

– The delicate drink of nature! And we want to: Raise the value of Vietnamese Café in the World market! Raincoffee operates in the following main areas: 

– Producing and distributing pure roasted coffee beans 

– Franchise coffee shop with roasted and ground beans 

Contact Info Full name: Raincoffee Joint Stock Company Short name: Raincoffee,. Jsc 

Address: 231 To Hieu, Cau Giay, Hanoi 



The contract to deploy a solution to digitize training manuals on beverage preparation is the relationship between VNSMAT and Rain Coffee, aiming at the two parties’ desire to cooperate in the design and delivery of an e-book on preparing drinks. to all students across the country.

Vnsmat is committed to providing the best service to Rain Coffee Joint Stock Company with the best dedication and service! Thank you to the leadership of Rain Coffee Joint Stock Company for always accompanying and trusting in using Vnsmat’s solutions during the past time!


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