Brand identity kit for individuals, organizations and businesses is a end up the connection between you, the company you with customer, from that shape to and built-up on the centre of the customer as a help you row in and memory about your brand company quickly and in the long term.

Brand identity design service Vnsmat

What does the brand identity set of an individual, organization or business include?

  • Brand is the perception of the company in people’s eyes
  • Branding (Building personal, organizational, corporate branding) involves the application of marketing strategies to form a brand with distinctive characteristics of individuals, organizations and businesses that when seen When it comes to customers, they will immediately imagine your brand.
  • Brand Identity (Brand Identity) is the set of all brand elements (Brand Identity) that a company creates to properly portray its own image to consumers.

What is brand identity?

The English brand identity set called POSM (short for Point Of Sales Material) is a collection of tangible elements of a brand including name, logo, colors, graphic elements, marketing materials. , good slogan …. These factors will combine to create a clear distinction between one brand and another in the minds of customers.

The designs in the brand identity need to ensure the element of uniformity and consistency so that it can bring the best effect in the branding process.

What is the role of brand identity?

The role of the brand identity is extremely important and is an indispensable link in the development and branding process of the business. So what is its specific role:

  • The brand identity is considered as the representative image of the business to customers.
  • Play an important role in spreading the brand image more widely as well as promoting sales, bringing profits to businesses.
  • For customers and partners, the elements in the brand identity such as images, logos, slogans, etc. It will be the things that they easily remember that help the brand prevail in their mind.
  • Brand identity plays an important role in creating trust and stimulating customers’ desire to own products.

What does the brand identity set include?

To answer the question “What does a brand identity include”, below is a list of all the complete components of a brand identity kit that includes, helping your business create a seamless set of graphics. circuit for business. However, you may not need everything on the list below. Depending on the nature and size of the business and products and services to choose the most suitable identity.

1. Logos for individuals, organizations, and businesses

Logo is a graphic element combined with a way of expressing it to form a brand or brand, an image representing an individual, organization, business or a logo image of an event or contest. , movement or an individual.

Usually, an individual, organization or business will only use one main Logo, but sometimes it is also necessary to have alternative versions to use in different cases.

Brand identity design service Vnsmat-Logo

  • Logo (main Logo) displayed on website, stationery, social network channels, videos, images (banners) for promotion, advertising, marketing…
  • Logo character form
  • Logo shape
  • Logo character & image
  • Logo color
  • Logo horizontal
  • Logo vertical
  • Logo geometric form
  • Logo color combinations

2. Office supplies, company

Brand identity design service for individuals, organizations and businesses

The look and shape of any corporate office supplies should also match the style of your logo.

If your business is catering to senior attorneys, your brand identity needs to reflect a trustworthy, professional style. On the contrary, if your target market is young families looking for fun and wanting experience, adventure, the appropriate style would be: dynamic, bright and fun.

  • Business card
  • Letterheads
  • Thank you note
  • Newsletter header & footer
  • Email Signature
  • Stamp

3. Social Media

Phương tiện truyền thông trên mạng xã hội

Social media

  • Facebook page cover photo
  • Profile picture on Facebook
  • Profile picture on Instagram
  • Twitter header photo
  • Profile photo on Twitter
  • Pinterest profile picture
  • Image showing on Pinterest
  • Cover photo of Google+
  • Profile picture on Google+
  • YouTube channel cover photo
  • Profile picture on YouTube
  • LinkedIn Wallpaper
  • LinkedIn profile picture
  • LinkedIn logo
  • Cover photo on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn banner photo

4. Content images, videos

Not only each post, each photo the business publishes also needs to be associated with the style of the business. Set the mood for your brand and every time you post on any platform, refer to the image you post with a mood board and ask yourself if the image matches the other images on it. . If not, you may need to edit the image or choose a different image.

Vnsmat thiết kế hình ảnh video quảng cáo quảng bá marketing

Vnsmat design promotional video images marketing

  • Photos posted on Instagram
  • Blog post image
  • Photos on Facebook
  • Pictures on Twitter
  • Photos, videos on YouTube
  • Pinterest Pin Size
  • Photos shared on Google+
  • Tumblr photo posts

5. Products and services to promote and addvertise

  • Covers for eBooks;
  • Product introduction documents Catalog, Brochure;
  • Advertising and promotional materials;
  • Bags containing gifts and promotional materials are distributed at a conference, exhibition…

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